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St. Paul Christian School children love to learn! Through an engaging and well planned curriculum, we inspire our students to reach important developmental milestones in a caring environment, and we focus on nurturing the specific needs and individual pace of each child.
Our expert teachers weave learning into imaginative play and incorporate an array of diverse activities into the school day such as learning centers, circle time, manipulatives, outdoor play, and art projects.
Enrichment programs such as creative movement, Spanish, and music add extra enthusiasm to the learning experience of SPCS students; and hands-on experiments are skillfully designed with our youngest investigators in mind. SPCS students are encouraged to observe, ask questions, and communicate their understanding of the world around them through activities based on STEAM+S curriculum (science, technology,  engineering, arts, math, and spirituality).
Our Christian education is taught through children’s Bible stories, daily prayer, and a much anticipated weekly chapel time full of joyful singing and smiley little faces. From our Mommy and Me Playgroup to our acclaimed Five's Foundations class, a lifetime love for God and learning begins at St. Paul Christian School!   
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