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St. Paul Christian School enrichment classes are crafted to provide our children with quality experiences in language development, creative movement and arts, music, science and mathematics, and sporting activities.


Our permanent enrichment classes include 30 minute activities in creative movement, music, and Spanish that are incorporated into our normal school hours and delivered by specialist teachers in these areas. All children participate in music and creative movement, and Spanish class is offered to our three’s, four’s, five’s and Kindergarten students.


We also offer an optional Extended Day Enrichment Program from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Fall, winter, and spring sessions are available, and the classes offered in this program change from session to session.

Fall Extended Day

Enrichment Program


Picasso Kids


Sensory Science




Little Chefs


Game On!

Creative Movement


Once a week our Creative Specialist Teacher meets with each class. The main goal of this exciting program is to provide joyful experiences that will encourage children to develop fitness, music, and movement for a lifetime. We enjoy units in gymnastics, body awareness, movement exploration, rhythm, interpretive dance and international folk dance.



Our school offers an exceptional music program provided by Mary Ann Hall’s Music for Children™. Each class meets on a weekly basis. Using folk music, Christian songs, and children's games, an appealing environment is created for children first to enjoy, and then to understand, create, and share the gift of music. Every class is unique and artfully tells a story through song, dance, drama, rhythm and rhyme. 

Cantamos en Español


St. Paul children

love singing in Spanish!


Research shows that the best time for a child to learn another language is from birth throughout the early years of childhood and that they will learn the language faster and retain the benefits longer. Through songs, games and stories, our native Spanish speaking teacher inspires children to begin learning and loving the Spanish language. Instruction focuses on learning vocabulary and simple phrases and explores sounds, cultural awareness, and the application of the language in context.

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